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Grill Accessories for Asado BBQ

The art of Argentine Asado is a cherished tradition, known for its rich flavors and communal cooking style. Central to this experience is the use of a specific type of grill, designed to bring out the best in meats and vegetables alike. To truly master the Asado, it is essential to equip yourself with the right tools. Each accessory plays a vital role in ensuring your meats are cooked to perfection, and your gathering is a success. Below, we explore the must-have grill accessories for any Asado enthusiast.



The shovel is indispensable in managing your grill's coals. Its primary use is to move the embers from one part of the grill to another, allowing for precise temperature control.

This tool ensures that every piece of meat on the grill receives just the right amount of heat.




A poker is another essential tool for coal management. It is used to break apart larger coal pieces and to maneuver the coals within the shovel for optimal placement. This helps in creating an even cooking surface and maintaining the perfect flame for your Asado.


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Provolone Melting Pan

The Provolone Melting Pan is a unique accessory that will elevate your Asado experience. This pan is designed for cooking Provolone cheese to gooey perfection without losing its shape. It adds a delicious, cheesy accompaniment to your grilled meats, making your Asado spread even more enticing.




A sharp knife is crucial for any grill master. Used for slicing and serving meats, a good Asado knife often features a long handle, allowing you to reach across the grill safely. Keeping your knife sharp is key to precise cuts, ensuring your meats are as delightful to look at as they are to eat.




Grill Fork

The Grill Fork is a tool designed for precision. With a long handle and sturdy prongs, it allows you to reach meats at the back of the grill with ease. It's perfect for holding meat steady while slicing or for flipping pieces without getting too close to the heat.


Coal Tong

Coal Tongs are essential for managing your fuel. Whether you're using charcoal or wood, these tongs allow you to rearrange your heat source safely. They are perfect for picking up large coals or adjusting the distribution of embers beneath your meats.


Chaira (Sharpening Steel)

A chaira, or sharpening steel, is a tool that ensures your knife remains razor-sharp throughout the cooking process. Given the frequent use of the knife during Asado, a chaira is invaluable for maintaining the edge of your blade, ensuring clean cuts every time.


Sausage Fork

Finally, the Sausage Fork is a tool designed specifically for grilling sausages. Its long, two-pronged design is perfect for skewering chorizos, making them easy to turn and ensuring they are evenly cooked on all sides.


Equipping yourself with these essential accessories will not only make your Asado experience more authentic but also more enjoyable.

Each tool has been designed with the Argentine grill in mind, ensuring that your meats are cooked to perfection, and your gatherings are remembered for all the right reasons.

Whether you're a seasoned Asado chef or new to the art of Argentine grilling, these accessories are sure to enhance your grilling repertoire. Visit our store to get the best grill accessories.

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