Alfajores Milka with Chocolate Mousse 6 units 252 g / 8.8 oz

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Indulge in the irresistible Alfajores Milka with Chocolate Mousse 6 units 252 g / 8.8 oz, where each piece offers a delightful departure from traditional alfajores.

Unlike the usual dulce de leche filling, these treats are brimming with a rich and creamy chocolate mousse that melts smoothly in your mouth, encased in Milka's famously tender and delicious chocolate.

Perfect for chocolate lovers seeking something uniquely indulgent, these alfajores blend the soft, delicate texture of the classic alfajor cookie with the luxurious depth of chocolate mousse. Whether enjoyed as a special snack, a dessert, or as a treat to share, the Milka Chocolate Mousse Alfajores offer a decadent tasting experience that's bound to satisfy any craving for something sweet and chocolatey.

Dive into the plush, velvety center of these exceptional alfajores and savor every moment of chocolate bliss.

About Milka

Mousse Alfajor dipped in milk chocolate. Milka is one of the most loved and recognized chocolate brands in the world. Made with alpine milk, Milka has been delighting consumers in Germany and beyond since 1901.
The brand, with its unique lilac-colored packaging and Lila the Milka cow, has a dedicated "cow community" to adoring fans from all the world!

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