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TheArgentino, your go-to online destination for Argentinian delicacies, is thrilled to introduce you to one of Argentina's most beloved desserts: Chocotorta. This no-bake treat is not just a sweet indulgence but also a slice of Argentinian culture.

A Dessert with a Story

The tale of Chocotorta begins in 1982, when advertising professional Marité Mabragaña brought this delectable dessert to her agency's birthday celebration.

The dessert was an instant hit, prompting Marité to pitch it as a promotional idea to her clients, Bagley and Mendizábal, the makers of Chocolinas cookies and Mendicrim cheese respectively. Despite initial enthusiasm, it took nearly a year to overcome co-branding challenges and launch the commercial.

The advert, which aired for almost two years, significantly boosted sales of both Chocolinas and Mendicrim. Although Marité didn't patent Chocotorta, she was honored in 2012 by the Argentine Advertising Association, celebrating the dessert as an enduring advertising icon.

The Classic Chocotorta Recipe

Chocotorta is not just famous for its taste but also for its simplicity. Here's how you can create this Argentinian classic in your kitchen:


  • 750g Chocolinas (about 3 large packages)
  • 700g dulce de leche repostero
  • 700g cream cheese
  • 150ml milk (flavored with chocolate, coffee, or a liqueur of your choice)
  • Optional: fruits or other decorations

Step 1: Preparing the Layers Start by blending the dulce de leche with cream cheese to create a smooth mixture. If you're making a freestanding Chocotorta, chill this mixture for a while to firm up.



Step 2: Constructing the Base Dip the Chocolinas cookies into your flavored milk and lay them out in your dish, side by side, to form the first layer. Then, spread a layer of the dulce de leche mixture over the cookies. If your dish is open, you might want to use a piping bag for a neater finish.




Step 3: Building Up Continue the process of adding layers of soaked cookies and the dulce de leche mixture. Typically, a good Chocotorta might have about five layers, but feel free to adjust according to your preference. Once you've added the final layer, decorate the top with more dulce de leche and perhaps some fresh berries or fruits.


Tip: Chocotorta tastes even better after a night in the refrigerator, allowing the flavors to meld beautifully.


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Bringing Argentina to Your Table

TheArgentino is proud to share this slice of Argentinian heritage with you. Whether you're a long-time lover of Argentinian cuisine or new to its flavors, making Chocotorta is a delicious way to explore the country's rich culinary landscape. Enjoy the sweet journey!