Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies, 170 G (Pack of 3)

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  • Chocolinas Chocolate Cookies

  • Make the Original Choco Cake

  • pack of 3


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  • MAKE THE ORIGINAL CHOCOTORTA - The chocolinas is the main ingredient for the chocotorta. Argentinian favorite cake.

  • DELICIOUS AND CLASSIC COOKIE - Chocolate flavor cookies.

  • EXCELLENT CHOICE FOR KIDS BREAKFAST - Ideal to eat it alone or with milk.

  • 170 g / 6.0 oz each. Pack of 3

  • Arguably the most Argentine cookie, and certainly the most popular, the Chocolinas launched in 1975 and have been a cooking staple since then. In Argentina, Chocolinas equals partying: used for the traditional “Chocotorta” dessert—consisting of coffee-soaked chocolinas and a dulce de leche and cream cheese layering—, these biscuits are the most versatile ones around. There is already a tradition of different Chocolinas recipes and, in fact, each package comes with one delicious and simple suggestion. Of course, you can also enjoy them on their own, with a glass of milk or even in an ice-cream sandwich!

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