Águila Chocolate 70% Cocoa 150 g / 5.2 oz

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Experience the pure intensity of Águila Chocolate 70% Cocoa. This premium chocolate bar offers a deep, rich cocoa flavor that's perfect for those who appreciate the true essence of chocolate. Made with 70% cocoa, each 150 g / 5.2 oz bar delivers a robust taste experience, crafted for the discerning palate. Its smooth texture and profound chocolatey notes provide an indulgent escape, ideal for savoring slowly.

Elevate your snack time or enrich your culinary creations with Águila Chocolate 70% Cocoa. It’s not just a treat; it's a journey through the lush chocolate traditions of Argentina, tailored for those who crave a stronger, more sophisticated cocoa impact. Whether you're melting it down for a rich sauce or enjoying a square with your afternoon coffee, this chocolate bar brings a touch of luxury and intensity to any occasion. Add it to your repertoire and taste the depth of Argentine cocoa.

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