Águila Golden Simple Alfajor 50 g / 1.7 oz

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Treat yourself to the classic delight of Águila Golden Simple Alfajor. This 50 g / 1.7 oz alfajor is a true testament to traditional Argentine confectionery, featuring a generous filling of smooth dulce de leche sandwiched between soft, moist cake layers, all enveloped in a rich chocolate coating. The perfect balance of textures and flavors makes this alfajor a perennial favorite among sweets aficionados.

Ideal for any occasion, whether it's a quick afternoon snack or a special treat to share with friends, the Águila Golden Simple Alfajor is a crowd-pleaser. Its enchanting combination of dulce de leche and chocolate offers a glimpse into the heart of Argentine culinary culture. Don't miss out on this beloved classic—dive into the sweet, comforting embrace of an Águila alfajor today!

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