Anna Park Yerba Mate Certified Organic 500 g / 1.1 lb

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  • Anna Park Yerba Mate Certified Organic 500 g / 1.1 Lb

Anna Park is a century-long love story, patiently cultivated in harmony with nature. In 1920, its creator, Eric Barney, stumbled upon a remarkable place: two beautiful hills surrounded by red soil, free from stones. There, he planted the first tree, and a true soil miracle occurred – leaves with exceptional energizing and antioxidant properties, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Such a gift from nature deserved respect. That's why Anna Park's production has always been selective and limited: the crafting process takes three years, with a harvest every two years. We honor the plant's natural biological process, ensuring its extraordinary leaves maintain consistent quality and beauty.

The drying of the yerba is done slowly, in smokeless cinta barbacuá, using high-performance combustion systems and air exchangers. The airing and aging processes are distinguishing features that might not be economically viable for large companies, but for us, the soil and its serenity are a priority.

Because of all this, Anna Park is a unique yerba mate with international organic certification from OIA. Every time you choose us, you help preserve two ecological reserves with precious forests and an incredibly fertile biodiversity.

Sensitive, rich, and legendary, Anna Park is our love letter to nature.

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