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Atenea is a board game with general knowledge questions. Of all our general culture games, Athena is perfect for youngsters starting with knowledge-based games.

There are four reversible boards that connect to each other, and each square determines a different topic. With the dice, move around the board answering questions from the more than 200 topics that this fun board game has to offer.

Players must answer 3 questions per turn, both multiple choice and open-ended.

Don't be misled by the topic you land on—it's not always straightforward! On the "Leones" square, you won't just be asked about the king of the jungle. You might also encounter a question about a hockey team or a Russian politician.

Players: 2 to 4 players
Time: 45 minutes
Age: +15 years
Illustrated by: @pupeilustra


We come from a family of five siblings and we spend our lives playing. We are fans of board games and that's why we decided to invent one: El Erudito. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to that. We take care of quality in all aspects of the experience of playing one of our games.

First the idea comes, and we work on it until it works, because the first and most important thing is that it be fun.

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