Black Imperial Mate with AFA Logo and 3 Stars Design in Bronze

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Introducing the Black Imperial Mate with AFA Logo and 3 Stars Design in Bronze, a truly exquisite and unique piece crafted for football enthusiasts and mate aficionados alike. This sophisticated mate cup is delicately made from natural gourd, beautifully adorned with the Argentine Football Association (AFA) logo, featuring three golden stars, symbolizing the 3 AFA's World Cup titles.

The mate is further enhanced with elegant bronze details including a sturdy metallic foot and decorative bronze beads, adding a touch of luxury and stability to the design. The bronze elements not only enrich the aesthetic but also ensure durability and a distinguished appearance.

Key features of the Black Imperial Mate include:

  • Natural Gourd Construction: Utilizes traditional materials for an authentic yerba mate experience.
  • Bronze Detailing: The AFA logo is intricately detailed in bronze, accompanied by a bronze base and spherical accents, which enrich the mate's visual appeal.
  • Collector's Appeal: This mate is not just a drinking vessel but a collectible piece that celebrates both the passion for football and the cherished Argentine mate tradition.

This mate cup is an exceptional gift idea for football fans, particularly those who treasure Argentine football's rich legacy. It serves as a functional piece for enjoying mate as well as a decorative item that can be proudly displayed in any setting, making every yerba mate session a display of sportsmanship and cultural appreciation.

Please note, due to the artisanal nature of this product, delivery may take a few days.

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