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Black Terere Set River Plate

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Elevate your tereré experience with the stunning River Plate Black Tereré Set, a tribute to one of Argentina's most iconic football clubs. This exclusive set combines functionality and style, allowing you to savor the refreshing taste of chilled yerba mate infusion while embracing the legendary spirit of River Plate.

At the heart of this collection is a sleek, stainless steel tumbler with a 250cm³ interior capacity, perfect for enjoying your favorite cold tereré. Complementing the tumbler is a durable stainless steel bombilla with a spring base, ensuring a smooth sipping experience.

The set also includes an original TERMOLAR thermos with a 2.5L capacity, featuring a pouring spout and two handles – one movable for easy transportation and one fixed for convenient serving. With its polyurethane foam insulation between the interior and exterior walls, this thermos provides superior thermal insulation, impact resistance, and durability, ensuring your cold water stays chilled for hours.

Completing the set is a metal yerba container with a plastic spout, boasting a 300gr capacity to accommodate your favorite yerba mate blend. But what truly sets this tereré set apart is its captivating design – crafted from eco-friendly stitched leatherette, adorned with the iconic River Plate crest and the legendary date of 9/12, commemorating the club's rich history.

Embrace the legendary spirit of River Plate with the Black Tereré Set. Indulge in the refreshing taste of chilled yerba mate infusion while paying homage to one of Argentina's most revered football clubs. This set is a must-have for tereré enthusiasts and River Plate fans alike, combining style, functionality, and a touch of club pride in every sip.

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