Brown Leather Square Matera with Handle

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The Brown Leather Square Matera with Handle is a beautifully handcrafted accessory that epitomizes the fusion of functionality and traditional artistry. This matera is crafted from high-quality brown leather, featuring a durable leather handle that makes it easy to carry your yerba mate essentials wherever you go.

The matera is adorned with metallic appliqués that enhance its rustic appeal, and it showcases a gaucho-inspired design intricately worked into the leather. This design pays homage to the rich cultural heritage associated with yerba mate drinking traditions. The construction is reinforced with waxed thread stitching, providing extra durability and a refined finish.

Internally, the matera is cleverly designed with a division in the middle, optimizing space to organize and securely hold a thermos, mate gourd, yerba container, and a sugar bowl. This organizational feature ensures that each item is kept in place, making the matera not only a stylish but also a practical choice for daily use or special gatherings.

Ideal for enthusiasts of yerba mate who appreciate artisan craftsmanship, the Brown Leather Square Matera is more than just a carrying case—it's a statement piece that celebrates the heritage of mate drinking while providing practical utility.

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