CBSÉ Endulife Yerba Mate with Stevia, 500 g / 1.1 lb

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CBSé Endulife Yerba Mate is sweetened with Stevia, a zero-calorie, natural sweetener. As part of the Dr. Cormillot Health Benefits Line, it promotes a healthier lifestyle with each sip. Enjoy 500 g / 1.1 lb of natural sweetness with a traditional yerba mate flavor.

When talking about CBSé Endulife, we are referring to a naturally sweetened yerba mate. This new redesign includes the sweetness of Stevia, the only non-caloric sweetener used in beverages and food. It is a regular yerba mate with just the right natural sweetness. It is part of the product line with health benefits endorsed by Dr. Cormillot.

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