Don Satur Classic Salad Biscuits 200g (box of 30)

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  • Don Satur Classic Salad Biscuits 200g 
    Quantity: Pack of 30
  • THE PERFECT MATCH FOR MATE - Perfect for having with your mates
  • BREAKFAST & MERIENDA - Morning & afternoon - ideal for every time of the day
  • PERFECTLY SALTY SNACK - Irresistible crunch and delicious softer interior
  • SEALED IN FRESHNESS - Tempting biscuits! Delicious snack
  • You can be sure this biscuit won’t part ways with you.The savory, classic version of Don Satur cookies is perfect for mate. They’re so rich you’ll be sure to keep them close by for having with your next hot drink. These “bizcochitos de grasa” are famous for a reason. The Don Satur is well-known for its quality, and continues to be a classic when all else fails. Be careful, though: if you don’t bring Don Satur to a “mateada” or gathering, people might stare

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