Handmade Yerba Mate Gourd Set

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 Handmade Yerba Mate Gourd Set
  • Mate Cup: Alpaca Silver Trim and Base
  • Yerba Mate Straw: Bombilla 
  • All mates are unique
  • Argentinian calabash hand made

To drink mate, you need three essential elements:

  • A calabash or mate gourd,
  • A metal straw called "bombilla" 
  • Yerba mate

The calabash or mate gourd serves as the container for preparing and drinking the infusion, the bombilla is the metal straw used for sipping the mate, and yerba mate is the dried herb used to make the drink.

Traditionally, mate is shared in groups, creating an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie as the calabash is passed from person to person. It is a deeply-rooted tradition in South American culture, especially in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and parts of Brazil, and has become a social and emblematic beverage of the region.

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