Humos Smoked Seasoning for Asado BBQ Chimichurri Mix 40 g / 1.41 oz

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Discover the authentic taste of Argentina with Humos Smoked Seasoning for Asado BBQ Chimichurri Mix 40 g / 1.41 oz. This premium blend of spices is your secret ingredient to elevate your grilling experience, bringing the traditional flavors of Argentine asado right to your backyard. Crafted with a meticulous selection of herbs and smoked to perfection, Humos offers an unmatched depth of flavor that complements any type of meat. Whether you're a barbecue enthusiast or a culinary adventurer, this chimichurri mix promises to transform your dishes into a mouthwatering feast.

Contains: Ground chili, dehydrated parsley, dehydrated garlic, oregano, dehydrated thyme, white pepper, dehydrated onion, natural smoke.

Indulge in the rich, smoky, and herbaceous notes that define Humos Smoked Seasoning for Asado BBQ Chimichurri Mix. Perfect for marinating, seasoning, or as a finishing touch, this versatile mix is not just for barbecues. Add a dash to your vegetables, seafood, or even pasta to infuse a unique Argentine twist. Packaged in a convenient 40 g / 1.41 oz size, Humos ensures freshness and intense flavor in every pinch. Don't miss out on this culinary journey to Argentina – elevate your cooking game and impress your guests with the authentic taste of Humos Smoked Seasoning.

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