Inti Zen Calma Andina - Lemon Vebene & Orange Peel (box of 15 tea bags)

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Inti Zen Calma Andina invites you to unwind with its tranquil blend of Lemon Verbena and Orange Peel, elegantly packaged in a box of 15 tea bags. This tea is a delightful homage to the serene spirit of the Andes, offering a soothing, aromatic escape with every cup. It perfectly captures the essence of South American herbal traditions, blending the calming properties of lemon verbena with the refreshing zest of orange peel.

Lemon Verbena, known for its light, lemony scent and relaxing qualities, forms the heart of this blend. The addition of orange peel adds a bright, citrusy note, creating a refreshing and uplifting infusion. This harmonious combination is not just a beverage; it's an invitation to a moment of peace and rejuvenation, ideal for soothing the mind and invigorating the senses.

Perfect for U.S. consumers seeking a natural, calming tea experience, Inti Zen Calma Andina is an excellent choice for those moments when you need a gentle pause. Whether you're starting your day, taking a break in the afternoon, or unwinding in the evening, this Lemon Verbena and Orange Peel tea is a delightful companion. Embrace the calm and refreshing flavors of the Andes with Inti Zen Calma Andina.

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