Inti Zen Patagonia Bee - Infusion of Honey, Vainilla and Cacao (box of 15 tea bags)

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Inti Zen Patagonia Bee is an exquisite blend that combines honey from Patagonia, vanilla, and Mexican cocoa on a base of black tea from northeastern India. This infusion, with its intense color and deep flavor, radiates harmony and warmth from the first sip. The honey from Patagonia provides a natural and authentic sweetness, the vanilla adds a seductive smoothness, and the cocoa offers a complex and satisfying finish.

Ideal to enjoy after meals, Inti Zen Patagonia Bee is the perfect companion for dessert. Its balance of sweet and earthy flavors provides an ideal ending to any meal, leaving a feeling of well-being and fullness. Each cup celebrates the diversity and richness of ingredients from different parts of the world

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