La Obereña Yerba Mate Traditional 1 kg / 2.2 lb

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La Obereña Yerba Mate 1kg/2.2 lbs 

La Obereña specializes in Yerba Mate production, preserving its natural essence and traditional methods for over 12 months.

Minimizing environmental impact and offering health benefits, this Yerba Mate offers a slightly bitter yet herbal taste. Many people enjoy it with sugar and honey added.


The Yerba Mate arrives fresh from our farms and production areas in 40 kg bales of straw. They are then pre-selected for drying.


The drying process is done in a continuous rotating system with controlled heat. The leaves are then classified using a sieve that separates the leaves from the sticks.


The process ends with a selective grinding treatment before moving on to the last step: aging for at least 12 months.

  • La Obereña Yerba Mate  1kg / 2.2lbs
  • Arrives fresh from our farms and productive sectors, in 40kg hessian bags. They are pre-selected to enter drying
  • Previous selection and analysis. Drying is carried out in a continuous rotary system with controlled heart. Then it is classified with a sieve that separated the leaves from the sticks
  • The process culminates with a selective grinding treatment to then proceed to the last step: Stationing for no less than 12 months

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