LAUR Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 kg / 4.4 lb Bottle

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Delight in the rich, authentic flavors of Argentina with LAUR Extra Virgin Olive Oil, now available in an ample 2 kg / 4.4 lb bottle. This olive oil, hailing from the esteemed olive groves of Argentina, is a testament to the country's commitment to quality and taste. Its large bottle size ensures that you have a plentiful supply of this exquisite oil for all your cooking needs.

With its golden color and greenish hues, this olive oil is not just a culinary ingredient but a sensory experience. Its aroma is a captivating blend of fruity and vegetable scents, evoking the freshness of green apple and the earthiness of freshly cut grass. The taste profile is a harmonious mix of spicy, bitter, and fresh notes, providing a delicate yet intricate flavor that enhances any dish.

Ideal for those in the United States who appreciate gourmet flavors and enjoy cooking with premium ingredients, LAUR Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for a wide range of culinary applications. From dressing salads to sautéing, and even as a finishing touch for your favorite dishes, this olive oil adds a touch of Argentine elegance to every meal. Stock your pantry with this large bottle of LAUR Extra Virgin Olive Oil and elevate your cooking to new heights of flavor and quality.

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