Lucciano`s Alfajores of White Chocolate With Walnut and Dulce de Leche x 10 Unit. 750g/1.65lb

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White Chocolate with Walnut Lucciano's Alfajores, available in packs of 10, offer a delightful sensory experience. Each alfajor features a soft, buttery dough that melts in your mouth, filled with a decadent blend of caramelized nuts and creamy dulce de leche. Coated in smooth white chocolate, these alfajores provide a perfect balance of sweet flavors and crunchy textures, delivering indulgence in every bite. Whether enjoyed solo or shared, Lucciano's Alfajores Blanco de Nuez showcase artisanal craftsmanship and culinary excellence. They are ideal for any occasion, promising to satisfy cravings with their uniquely delicious and memorable taste. 

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