Playadito Yerba Mate Traditional Con Palo from Colonia Liebig (1 kg / 2.2 lb)

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Playadito with a stick. Gluten free without TACC. Since 1926 cultivated, elaborated and packaged in origin. Colonia Liebig, Corrientes, Argentina. Net weight 1000g. Argentina industry.

In its traditional version, it contains raw material from the crops of the entire yerba mate producing area of ​​Argentina, which includes the northeast of the province of Corrientes, where Colonia Liebig is located and the entire province of Misiones, which integrates the production of about 7 dryers and said canchada yerba mate is ground, after a minimum parking of 12 months.

It is considered optimal to obtain a selected product that allows an infusion or mate with a rich flavor, soft and yielding.

It is especially indicated for people who drink mate very frequently and who generally seek smooth and long-lasting flavors.

    • Traditional yerba mate Playadito.

    • Delicious and soft flavor; special for mate lovers.

    • The best choice for people who drink mate frequently.

    • Long-lasting taste

    • Gluten free!

    • 1 kg / 2.2 lb
    • Made in Argentina.

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