Sugus Confitados Hard Candy with Soft Interior - Pack of 4

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  • Sugus Confitados Hard Candy with Soft Interior 50 g / 1.8 oz box
    Quantity: Pack of 4
  • Easily Shaped and Soft. Its texture was totally innovative for the time it was created. Super moldable and much less hard than other sweets. It can be easily chewed and, above all, sucked until it falls apart.
  • Very popular, and kids’ favorite!
  • Gluten-Free / Without T.A.C.C.

About Sugus
Sugus is a brand of chewable candy from the Wrigley Company. Its origin is to be found within the Swiss chocolate company Suchard, which created them in 1931. They are square in shape, and its measures are 2 cm side and 7 mm thick, including the packaging.

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