Taragüi Mate Cocido Ensobrado - Ready to Brew Yerba Mate Bags (box of 40 bags)

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Taragüi Mate Cocido - Box of 40 Tea Bags Individually Wrapped

Mate in tea bags is a different and convenient way to enjoy yerba mate, which was originally prepared using loose yerba mate leaves.


Vitamin Source: It contains B-complex vitamins, which contribute to the release and utilization of energy from food. Additionally, they support muscle function and help maintain healthy skin and hair.

Mineral Source: Yerba mate is rich in essential minerals. It contains potassium, a mineral crucial for proper heart function, and magnesium, which aids in protein absorption and contributes to overall strength and health.

Energizing Effect: Thanks to its xanthine content, yerba mate infusion serves as a natural source of energy, stimulating both intellectual and physical efforts. It's ideal for individuals engaged in sports or various mental and physical activities.

Preparing mate in tea bags:

  1. Heat fresh water until it reaches the first boil.
  2. Pour the hot water directly over the tea bag.
  3. Allow the infusion to steep for five minutes.
  4. Then, add milk and sugar to your liking.

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