Taragüi Yerba Mate Classic Flavor (with Stems) from Las Marías 500 g / 1.1 lb

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Savor the authentic taste of Taragüi Yerba Mate Classic Flavor (with Stems) from Las Marías 500 g / 1.1 lb, a renowned yerba mate that captures the traditional essence and robust flavors cherished by mate enthusiasts. This yerba mate blend includes stems (con palo), which are known to moderate the intensity of the flavor and provide a milder, more balanced infusion.

Taragüi Yerba Mate is sourced from the prestigious Las Marías plantation, one of Argentina's leading producers known for its high-quality mate. This classic blend offers a deep, rich taste with a slightly woody and earthy profile, making it perfect for both new drinkers and seasoned mate connoisseurs. Whether you're enjoying a quiet moment of reflection or sharing a mate circle with friends, Taragüi provides a consistent and satisfying experience.

Prepare it in a traditional mate gourd and sip it slowly to appreciate its full flavor profile. Ideal for daily enjoyment, this yerba mate not only invigorates with its natural caffeine content but also offers a connection to the vibrant culture of South America.

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