White Mate Argentina World Cup Champions Edition Golden Rim

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Celebrate Argentina's triumphant win in the 2022 World Cup with the exclusive White Mate Argentina World Cup Champions Edition Golden Rim. This collector's edition mate cup is adorned with three significant designs that commemorate the victory:

  • Face 1: Features the AFA logo with three stars, symbolizing Argentina's three World Cup victories.
  • Face 2: Proudly displays "Campeones del mundo 2022", honoring the team's achievement.
  • Face 3: Details the final match against France on 18.12.2022 at Lusail Stadium, capturing a pivotal moment in football history.

This special edition mate cup includes a bombilla for traditional yerba mate consumption and boasts several features that enhance its utility and durability:

  • Thermal Insulation: A built-in air chamber helps maintain the temperature of your mate, keeping it warm for extended periods.
  • Easy Yerba Extraction: Designed for convenience, allowing for quick and efficient yerba replacement.
  • No Curing Needed: Ready to use right out of the box without the need for the traditional curing process.
  • Mold Resistant: The materials used prevent the growth of mold, ensuring a clean and safe drinking experience.
  • Highly Durable and Easy to Clean: Made from PVC, polypropylene, and high-impact materials that are both cruelty-free and BPA-free, making it safe for consumption.


  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Height: 12cm

This mate cup is not only a functional item for yerba mate enthusiasts but also a great piece of memorabilia for fans of Argentine football, capturing the spirit and pride of the nation's historical achievement.

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