Yerba Cachamate Hierbas Serranas 500 g

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Cachamate Hierbas Serranas is a blend of yerba mate, pennyroyal, peperina, mint, and mountain herbs. The yerba is carefully blended to create a soft, fresh, and pleasant tasting drink.
The inclusion of the mountain herbs gives the yerba a unique flavor that is both refreshing and invigorating.
  • Yerba Cachamate Hierbas Serranas 500 g

Make the Best Mate!

  • Fill your mate with 3/4 of yerba mate
  • Cover the mouth of the mate with your hand, turn it over and shake for a few seconds.
  • Return it to its normal position, leaving the contents tilted at about 45°.
  • Pour warm water, let stand
  • Ready to taste!

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